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This book will show you how to get your life back

This book, Boundaries – 5 Steps to Getting Your Life Back, is a result of years of trying to help Christian men and women for the past thirty years deal with their addictions. Boundaries is also my own personal survival growing up in a family riddled by too many addictions to discuss here.

Rarely a week goes by without a desperate people sharing their struggles with addictions. Boundaries – 5 Steps to Getting Your Life Back, presents five key transforming steps to changing your attitude, heart, and mind about your addiction. Changing the way you think, helps change the way you act. BACKS is the 5 Step transforming approach offered. BACKS is my safeguard as well. Developed over the years, it helps prevent me from falling and becoming what the Apostle Paul called “a castaway.”

Stories of healing, restoration, and fulfilling relationships seem few and far between these days. Those suffering addictions in the church, often experience only partial victory at best. Many are angry, bitter, confused, and unaccepted in churches today. Unable to escape the clutches of their addiction, they become castaways. Probably the most damaging of all realities. Reeling from guilt and failure, they too often give in and give up. Lurid addictions, base practices, and habits take them far beyond anything imagined when they first ventured into the alluring world of addiction. Later, unable to think about anything else, addiction becomes their constant dark companion ruling their lives. What once seemed a generous friend now is a menacing dragon seeking to destroy their very existence.

Through the years, I grieved watching many fine people standing on the decks of their once hopeful and beautiful lives, only to slip into the deep, dark, icy waters of ruin. The damage is catastrophic to spouses, to children, women, men, churches, and communities.

Meet The Author

Addiction proved a constant family companion growing up in Minnesota. Alcohol, drug use, and gambling touched many family members. Serving battered women, children, and orphans in South Africa for over twenty years realized many domestic cases of abuse attributable to addiction.

Don Mingo is passionate about helping people overcome their addictions. Living above and beyond addiction finds purpose and fulfillment in life. Boundaries – Five Steps to Getting Your Life Back, presents a simple five-step approach to deal with addiction. The latter half of the book deals specifically with pornography as an example of his five-step process of renewal.

Don Mingo holds a Bachelor’s Degree, Master of Theology, Master of Divinity, and a Doctorate. He holds several certifications and training in Critical Incident Stress Management, Chaplaincy, Life Coaching, Depression Recovery, and other disciplines.

Don is CEO of Mingo Coaching Group, and he and his wife, Kathy, head Re-Vitilize.org offering coaching, care, and counseling to leaders around the world.

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