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Happy To Be Home

Do you remember going back to the place you never left?

When you read Steve Van Winkle’s stories, you learn that “Dirt” is not earth, a pastor’s life is not just about Sundays, trout streams are akin to holy temples, and family is a trove of true treasure. The narratives in Happy Endings relate the life and times of just about everyone you and I know—we have all had our own personal versions of nearly every situation Steve describes—but it would be wrong to say, “Just move along. Nothing to see here.” There is much to see, and there is good reason to linger over each chapter. Steve has done more than journal his own life. He has been busy taking life notes for all of us.

What leaders are saying

Reading the musings of my friend Steve Van Winkle is a stroll through the Louvre of heartfelt essays. When I read “Happy Endings to Hard Days,” I’m not really reading. I’m re-­living. Steve’s vignettes are his own, but they are also ours—just told better than we can tell it ourselves. Steve is a remarkable husband, dad, pastor, and professor (when he chooses to accept the lectern), and he is a phenomenal weaver of words. This work is life—with punctuation. Keep this book near wherever your best reading happens—your brain and your heart will thank you.

David Melton, President

Boston Baptist College



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